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Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first manned trip to space, in an age when space tourism has become a reality what does the future hold for our new born?


A first shaft of light, a splinter of an image, first movements and a sense of independence. Zero is a lyrical view playing on the metaphor of weightlessness, mobility, existentialism and conciousness.

At what point are we aware of our own bodies, what is private and where does the external world begin?

This film was made during a research trip with Choreographer Kitsou Dubois, in a zero-gravity environment during a parabolic flight at the Yuri Gagarin Training Centre, Moscow.

Recorded by Mike Stubbs who was part of a team of artists and scientists invited onto a series of parabolic flights on a Russian Military Evolution Aircraft, based at the Yuri Gagarin Training Centre, Star City, Moscow, in 2000. 


The text comprises of writings by Net Robot, Netochka Nezvanova (further info: and poet Kevin Henderson.


Read by Yuri Gagarin and Kevin Henderson

Construction by Gina Czarnecki

Sound Design by Gerald Maire

Commissioned by PVA MediaLab and Watershed Media Centre


With support of The Arts Catalyst and TVI, Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art.

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