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Luminary - Lighthouse of the Future

Site specific rotating video projection installed in Withernsea Lighthouse, (the UK’s most inland), with soundtrack played over AM radio into audiences car radios.

Lighthouse versus the Whitehouse


Is Withernsea a small town with a diminishing coastline and population on the receiving end of global economic policies and bad practice regarding environment and ecology? 


It is only recently the United States of America refused to sign the Kyoto Agreement – seriously damaging any attempts to halt global warming and consequentially rising sea levels, will this have a direct affect on Withernsea?


Re-illuminating Withernsea Lighthouse for the first time since July 1976, artists Gina Czarnecki, Mike Stubbs and Dan Norton will project images they interpret as the real modern day hazards. 


In an era when technology has made the lighthouse redundant for the

purposes it was originally built, the artwork Lighthouse of the Future will raise contemporary issues and raise questions regarding environment and globalisation. 


A special soundtrack accompanying the projection has been made by artists Zoe Irvine and Gerald Maire.

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