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River is a poetic documentary cinematic installation with three screen projection. It begs questions on the development and gentrification of the contemporary (and my former) city of Hull.

Issues of regeneration, social exclusion and the branding of a city in order to re-market it and increase economic growth are common to most cities.

Performances and Vox pops of different local voices have been recorded and remixed to form an assemblage of oblique observations of everyday life, portraits interviews and performers form the text. 

They are edited and processed to create new meanings and to generate a series of sub-texts - drawing on themes often present in my work - such as labour, masculinity and loss. 

Sampled to ask questions of the spin and gloss we put on such projects - do we believe our own hype?

River 'Brilliant' multi screen DVD installation commission for Culture Company, HTBA and City Screen, York, '00 and The Moving Image Centre, Auckland New Zealand.

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