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Pigeon racing is an enormously popular working class sport that is full of mystery and symbolism - how can the birds be released hundreds of miles away and find their way back home? It has drama and spectacle and within it the seeds of many myths and fantasies.

Homing draws on themes derived from pigeon racing - their flight is powered by hunger, desire and jealousy.

Director Mike Stubbs and writer cameraman Roland Denning worked closely with top pigeon fanciers Derek and Denise Moonesammy from the Bransholme North Road Pigeon Club exploring the idea of home and exile, security and freedom using a strong visual style.


The film was premiered at the London Film Festival November at the National Film Theatre and has since been shown around the world, winning 1st prize at Oberhausen Film Festival. It has was broadcast by Channel 4 TV June 27th, in a slot titled Midnight Underground. 

The film was commissioned by the British Film Institute and Yorkshire and Humberside Arts Board.


Original music composed by Ulf Langheinrich.

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